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Founded in 1988 by a group of innovative machine builders, Kenona historically specialized in the machining of high volume precision components. Having acquired the company in the spring of 2005, our owners infused a philosophy of modern manufacturing practices into a team that already excelled in the technical aspects of machining. This combination of technical expertise and contemporary manufacturing methodologies allows Kenona to remain competitive in this demanding international market. In May 2018 Kenona partnered with Kensington Capital, providing Kenona with the resources to continue its growth trajectory.
  • We will treat our customers, suppliers and employees with humility, respect and honesty.

  • We will foster a positive and open working environment.

  • We will recognize, reward and provide opportunity for employees who embrace responsibility and achieve desired results.

  • We will ethically pursue profitable growth.

  • We will have fun.

  • Never has U.S. manufacturing faced more competitive demands than now. Accordingly, we embrace lean thinking and continuous improvement as our guiding premises. Simply put, we will not survive without a complete commitment to maximizing productivity and eliminating waste.

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